Start using Artificial Intelligence

Automate 90% of your customer service

Boost your agents performance using our AI pre-trained bots with millions of conversations from businesses like yours.

The most innovative companies don't create bots, they use Botslovers

All the power of AI and NLP without entering a line of code

With the Botslovers Platform and our Natural Language Processing (NLP) models, without programming, you could create the best experience for your users by answering their queries in a natural and simple way..

Do you have agents available? Let's help you improve their performance

Connect the customer care platforms you already have (Zendesk, Intercom, Salesforce...). If you don't have any, no worries, use the Botslovers Platform for anything you need to connect with.

Where is my order?

Integrate with your applications to provide or gather customized information instantly. Your customers will thank you.

Respond 24x7 anywhere your customers are reaching you

Have you not being on WhatsApp, Instagram or the Web, and if not, why not all of them at the same time? With Botslovers you could respond on any channel, 24 hours a day and in your customer's language.

What doesn't get measured, doesn't get better

Don't miss anything and enjoy the analytics! You will be able to know in real time the behavior of the virtual assistant with your users and check all the conversations.


accuracy in routine consultations


increase in leads


conversion to sales


of processed conversations

Here is our extras

More humanized bots and many functionalities

Any Channels

Deploy your business on as many channels as you wish (WhatsApp, Web, Facebook, Instagram...). The bot will adapt automatically to any channel you wish it to, without any extra configuration.

Verified accounts

Get your social networks verified to give more confidence to your users. Do you want the green tick of WhatsApp? With Botslovers you have it!

Management platform

Do not ever loose the control of your business. Thanks to Botslovers Platform you will be able to manage all the knowledge of the virtual assistant and check the analytics

Send notifications

Send proactive messages to your users in any channel automatically to improve the experience between customer and company. Is the order on its way? Tell them through WhatsApp!

The power of voice

Voice is the most natural and simple interface. Get your users to talk to your business by connecting your assistant to Alexa, Google Assistant or your phone. They will be surprised!

Flexible system

Connect the platform with any of your systems to enhance the experience. Send notifications with your CRM, store orders in your ERP? Anything you want!

Are you ready to start automating your conversations?

Companies prefer Botslovers


Santiago Piza

Director Head of Online Customer Care & Social Media | Telefónica

At Telefónica we have been surprised by the creativity and humanization of the Botslovers bots, we have a lot of technology in-house but the experience and particular approach of their assistants has delighted us! Without a doubt you are a reference, congratulations Andrés, Simón and team!!!..

David Lagoa

Innovation Manager | Alcampo

Botslovers has allowed us to free our customer service team from repetitive and low impact tasks, to enhance our excellence in personalised customer service. Iker (the chatbot) answers FAQs on the website and recommends wines like a virtual sommelier, the results are incredible.

Pepa Rojo

Creative Strategist | Facebook

Applying the concept of Conversational Commerce in a creative way is something that Botslovers has been able to do very well. WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger allow brands to talk to their fans as if they were friends, being able to automate these interactions without losing sensitivity and closeness is a challenge. Well done friends of Botslovers.

Álvaro Galindo

Head of Business | Bkool

The chatbot has allowed us to automate around 80-90% of the conversations, freeing up our agents and allowing us to dedicate more attention to the most complex incidents. We have lowered our response time and increased the overall satisfaction level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as a WhatsApp ISV, we provide the official API to automate conversations and notifications in a secure and fast way.

We have different pricing plans depending on the objective of the project and the volume of conversations. Contact our experts and they will give you all the details instantly.

We have more than 30 languages available so you can provide an automated service to your customers from all over the world.

Thanks to our knowledge base nurtured by millions of conversations from projects similar to yours, your project does not start from scratch but is ready for action.

You can write directly to our email and we will be happy to help you.

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